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eeectl is a tiny yet powerful program for Asus EEE PC 700 series, it runs on Windows® and allows you to control & overclock your EEE PC on the fly.
Current features:
- FSB speed control.
- PCIE speed control.
- CPU voltage control.
- Temperature monitor.
- Fan speed control(incl. used-defined automatic mode).
- Screen backlight control(twice brighter!).
- Highly configurable, hotkeys, etc.
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eeectl 0.2.4 released
Jun 23 2008
A bugfix release, there are no major changes from 0.2.3.
eeectl 0.2.4 makes its source code available under the terms of GPL. Feel free to send me your code if you want it to appear in the official tree.
dciio driver source code remains closed.
Download binary (23kb)
Download source (53kb)

eeectl 0.2.3 released
Feb 17 2008
Key changes:
- Backlight cotrol in 0511-style with ANY BIOS (twice brighter than 0401)!
- Suspend configuration is applied on shutdown to fix PCIE issues.
- Improved Vista support.
- Brief documentation on 0.2.* features included.
- 700(2G) is still not supported.
Download (21kb)

eeectl 0.2.2 released
Feb 12 2008
This is the first 0.2.* release intended for general use. Key changes:
- PCI Express speed control is added.
- Fan now can be controlled with set of user-defined rules.
- Command line is back.
- Hotkeys are now much easier to configure.
- I2C&PLL code reviewed resulting in much more stability.
Download (18kb)

eeectl 0.2.1 released
Feb 1 2008
This is a preview of the upcoming release. Key changes:
- A lot of changes and additions to config file format.
- Configurable hotkeys.
- A lot of temporary code was rewritten resulting in a large set of small features.
Download (16kb)

eeectl 0.2.0 released
Jan 19 2008
The first preview of my new program. eeectl shares no code with eeeclock and the only common thing between them is their icon.
Key changes & features:
- No more ACPI and ACPI-related bugs.
- Basic Vista support.
- Direct FSB speed control.
- Direct CPU voltage control.
- Fan control.
- CPU temperature monitor.
Download (16kb)

eeeclock 0.1.2 released
Jan 11 2008
New features:
- Speed is shown right in the tray now.
- Display multiplier parameter is added.
- Hotkeys.
Download (16kb).

eeeclock 0.1.1 released
Jan 9 2008
Bugfix release. Fixes:
- 0511 and 0703 BIOS support.
- Command line params.
Download (16kb).

eeeclock 0.1.0 released
Jan 9 2008
Initial release. Key features:
- Ability to change FSB speed.
- Ability to change CPU voltage.
- Auto-downclock when entering sleep mode.
Download (16kb).

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